Document remediation services available

Are you reviewing your website or working on your website redesign and realize that you have PDFs that are not accessible? Is there a faculty member working on a grant that needs to make accessible documents? If you answered yes to any of the above, you may want to consider our documentation accessibility testing and remediation service.

Remediation services details

The Marketing and Communications Department offers documentation accessibility testing and remediation services for a fee. This service includes ensuring document conversion to PDF is accessible, creating fillable fields where needed, alt text and restructuring of content as needed. If you are interested in this, please provide an estimate on the amount of PDFs needed*, along with an example of the type of work they will need.

*A reasonable request for a project estimate would be 10-15 PDFs. The initial review process may include feedback on how to include the PDF information on your website instead of a PDF for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes and a plan to migrate that content on your website.


You will be quoted at a rate of $85/hour, with justification and rationale on the estimate for the time it will take to complete.

How to request it

You can request this service one of two ways

  1. If you are doing a website review, you can request this in your project request intake
  2. Email if you are reviewing your website or know of someone working on a grant or other project needing this service

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